Decks and Fences in Atlanta, GA

If you are searching for a great upgrade to your home’s exterior, installing a deck or a fence would be an ideal option. Not only will your home benefit from the additional aesthetic appeal, but also the additional security, privacy, square footage, and value.

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What Are the Benefits of Having a Deck?

What value will a deck add to your home? Installing a deck may seem daunting because of the costs and planning involved, but the result will surely be worth it. Here are some benefits of installing a deck you should consider:

Aesthetic Appeal

Installing a deck can complement the design of your home. Decks come in different colors, types, and designs. With the proper coordination and arrangement, you can give your home a natural and appealing new look. Whether you decide to go with a composite or natural wood design, your home’s exterior will get an aesthetic appeal. The good thing with decks is that you can add decorations to further complement your home’s design.

Boosting Your Home’s Value

Installing a deck can boost the value of your home, according to some home experts. It is one of the most affordable ways to add value to your home. Adding a deck is not as expensive as adding another living room or bathroom. One thing that most home buyers look out for is whether the house has a deck or not. If you are a homeowner, you stand to recoup almost 70 percent of the cost to build a deck after selling your house.

Square Footage

Another reason you should consider installing a deck is the amount of square footage you will add to your home. A deck is an excellent way to extend the usable space in your house. When you compliment your deck with patio furniture and potted plants, it can be an ideal place to eat, relax, and even do some outdoor cooking. Besides, the space underneath decks can be used for storage.

Venue for Hosting Parties

If you want to throw a barbeque, a family get-together, or a summer party in your house, a deck is an ideal place. Your guests will surely enjoy the fresh air. Furthermore, you can add an outdoor fireplace or kitchen to host your guest better.

If you want to install a deck, contact an Atlanta deck contractor so that you can take advantage of these benefits.

What Are the Benefits of a Fence?

More are starting to see the importance of installing a fence around their property. Although it may cost a considerable amount of money, it is still an important project for privacy and safety purposes. Let’s look at the benefits of installing a fence around your home:


Security is crucial in any home. A fence will secure your property whether you are available or not. Fencing your property will reduce the risk of break-ins and trespassing. It will also shield your home from the scrutiny of strangers with ill intentions.

Increases Home Value

More often than not, a property secured with a fence is more valuable than one without. Your property is set to gain more curb appeal and value with a professionally built fence.


Apart from privacy and security, a well-constructed fence can add beauty to your home. A variety of materials can be used to construct different kinds of fences. An Atlanta fence contractor can use different materials to form attractive patterns that give your home a unique aesthetic appeal.

Boundary Setting

Fences can also be used to set boundaries for your pets and young children, so they don’t wander off. Similarly, a fence will keep stray animals away from your property.

Noise Reduction

A fence acts as a noise buffer which can help you shut out noise from outsiders. Installing a fence will help you enjoy peace and tranquility if you live in a boisterous neighborhood.


Nobody loves nosy neighbors. If you want to keep your property from the prying eyes of neighbors, a fence will come in handy. A fence will guarantee you privacy when you want to chill or host a small private meeting outside.

Want a professionally built fence? Contact an Atlanta fence contractor at America’s Best Choice today for a free quote!

What Are the Different Types of Decks?

Decks are classified mainly according to the different types of design used. Here are the different types of decks.

  • Wraparound – This type of deck is also known as a wraparound porch because it can be accessed from more than one entry point and gives you ample usable outdoor space.
  • Multi-Tier – Multi-tier decks are ideal for properties that aren’t perfectly level because they can accommodate multiple levels of varying sizes suited for different uses.
  • Attached – An attached deck is like an extension to your home. They are built off your property and are often a rectangle, square U, or L shape.
  • Detached – These types of decks are detached floating platforms accessed through a walkway or pathway. If you want to utilize an area with inadequate drainage, this is the perfect type of deck.

An Atlanta deck contractor can help with the installation of the above types of decks.

Patio area on walk-out deck, decks and fences in Atlanta

What Are the Different Types of Fences?

When you decide to fence your property, you will have various options to choose from. However, when making this decision, you will have to think of the purpose the fence will serve, the expenditure, and your neighborhood’s homeowners association rules.

Wood Fence

As the name suggests, this type of fence is made from wood. They offer adequate security and privacy than most other types of fences. The amount of detail and the type of wood will determine how much you will spend.

Chain Link Fence

While this type of fence isn’t the most aesthetical, it is a very economical solution. It is also durable and requires little maintenance.

Steel or Aluminum Fence

Fences made of steel or aluminum are attractive and durable as long as they are properly maintained. They require sanding and repainting to keep the rust away.

Vinyl Fence

Although you will have to pay more than you would for most other kinds of barriers, PVC fences have more curb appeal and are more durable, thanks to their toughness and weather-resistant properties.

Wrought Iron Fence

These types of fences have pickets spaced far apart, meaning they don’t offer much privacy. However, what wrought iron fences lack in privacy, they make up for appeal, durability, and security.

What Are the Types of Materials With Which Decks or Fences Can Be Built?

Decks and fences can be built from a variety of materials. The material used will determine your budget as well the durability and maintenance requirements and costs.


There are various wood types to choose from for decks and fences. The most prevalent types of wood used include cedar, redwood, ipe, and pressure-treated wood. Keep in mind that hardwood is quite expensive.


Some fences and decks are built from a composite material made from a blend of wood fibers and plastic. This material is resistant to rot and wear resembles natural wood. Composite materials give you the liberty to choose your preferred color. Fences and decks built from composite material require minimal maintenance.


PVC is the most affordable and reliable option for decks and fences because it is recyclable and won’t rot, fade, or stain. They come in many different colors and require little maintenance. The only downside to PVC is that it gets scorching in hot weather.

I Can Swing a Hammer. Why Should I Hire a Professional vs. DIY?

While it is easy to DIY some home improvements and repairs, other jobs require a professional touch. This is why you should hire a pro:

Proper Tools

Professionals have the right tools for every job. Thus, they will do a cleaner, more efficient, and more precise job.

Training and Experience

A professional has the edge over DIY since they are trained and have done similar jobs. They understand every necessary step.

Assistance and Staff

Professional contractors have the right kind of support they need to tackle complex home projects.

Speed and Accuracy

Thanks to their expertise and experience, a pro will complete home projects with more accuracy and speed.

Why Should I Hire America’s Best Choice?

ABC win has done numerous home projects across Atlanta for many years. Our contractors have the right resources, experience, and expertise to take on all kinds of home improvement projects involving decks and fences.

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