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When you want to renovate to make your home pretty or appealing to buyers, the first thing you should think of is adding a fresh coat of paint. Painting your house with a fresh coat of bright paints makes it appear newer, improving the home’s overall value. Although you might consider painting a regular DIY task, it’s impossible to achieve the aesthetically appealing looks you want to accomplish if you don’t have the right skills.

So, what next? It’s simple, hire professional painting contractors in Atlanta who can manage the project on budget, on time, and meet your expectations. At America’s Best Choice, painting is our profession, and we can meet and exceed your painting expectations. With decades of painting experience, we can help you decide on the best paints and colors.

Our skilled team will help you with the various finishes and professionally paint your home. Call us at 678-498-7232 for expert painting services in Atlanta and surrounding areas.

Why Is It Important to Paint My Home and What Are the Benefits?

Before investing your money in painting, you want to understand the different benefits of it. Below are some benefits you will get once you paint your home:


The exposure of walls to dust, grime, dirt, and moisture affects their longevity. For instance, moisture is the leading cause of mildew and mold growth, which can significantly damage your walls. Also, mold adds weight to your walls and can lead to structural damage.

Coating them with high-quality paint will keep them clean and free from dirt and moisture, eliminating mold and mildew issues. This protection significantly increases the longevity of the walls. If you notice grime, dirt, or mold and mildew growing on your walls, call us immediately at 678-498-7232.


Whether you want to make your home look classy or attract buyers, painting makes it appear newer, improving the home’s overall value. As trusted Atlanta painting contractors, we can help you choose the most appealing colors to buyers rather than investing in an entire home remodeling.


Sometimes people match their home paint colors with their personalities. The paint colors may not be your priority when buying or renting a house. That means if you relocate to a new place, the existing colors might not match your personality. You may want the paints to rhyme with the color of your furniture and other home appliances.

Also, varying paint colors can influence your moods differently, with some making you feel energized and some sleepy. You can speak with our skilled Atlanta painting contractor team to help you determine the best colors and finishes that can match your personality.

What Types of Paint Should I Use?

All paints are not equal, and some types are suitable for interior use and others for exterior use. Some paints are oil-based, and others are water-based. The best paint type depends on the surface you plan to paint and the finish you want.

If you are unsure of the correct paint type to buy, visit our Atlanta painting contractor offices or call us at 678-498-7232, and we will be glad to help. Below are some paint types for interior and exterior use.

Paints for Interior Use

Some of the common paint types you can use to paint your home interiors include:

Matte Paint

This paint has no shine and offers smooth and non-reflective coverage, helping to disguise nail holes and other blemishes on the surface.


It’s a semi-gloss paint with a shiny look, offering better reflectivity than the satin finish. It’s also water-resistant, making it ideal for use in laundry rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms.

Latex Paint

It’s one of the most environmentally friendly paints. It’s suitable for use in kitchens as you can clean it with soap and water. This paint can’t withstand wear and tear like the enamel paint.


The eggshell paint gives a smooth and sheen finish, making it ideal for indoor finishes. It can resist scuffs and stains, and it’s easily washable.

Oil Paint

This paint is based on white lead, allowing it to achieve mat and glossy finishes. It’s affordable, easy to apply, and clean, making it suitable for indoor use. Although durable, it can’t withstand humid conditions for a long, which makes it unsuitable for exterior use.

Other interior types of paint include:

  • Gloss paint
  • Matte Enamel

Painting contractors in Atlanta spraying paint


Paints for Exterior Use

The paint types you can apply on your home exterior walls include:

Enamel Paint

Enamel paint is durable paint and can withstand wear and tear. It best suits exterior usage as it can withstand harsh weather.

Cement Paint

Cement paint is one of the paints that are not oil-based or water-based. The primary material in this paint is cement, which can be colored or white. This paint best suits the rough exterior surfaces due to its waterproof nature and durability.

Cellulose Paint

It’s made of celluloid sheets, amyl acetate, and photographic films, making it one of the most expensive paints. The smoother finish, fast-drying, and hard nature make this paint smoke, acid, and water-resistant, making it ideal for use in a wide range of exterior conditions.

Emulsion Paint

This paint uses polyvinyl acetate and polystyrene as binding materials. Also, it features driers such as cobalt and manganese, allowing it dry and hardens faster. It’s alkaline-resistant, durable, and offers excellent color retention, making it ideal for exterior use.

Why Should I Hire a Professional and Not Just Do-It-Myself?

There are many advantages to hiring a skilled painter rather than painting yourself, including:

  • Quality painting work due to the skills, precision, and perfection of a professional painter and the use of the right tools
  • Timely completion due to the higher painting speed
  • It saves money as professional painters can get painting tools and paints at discounts
  • You won’t have trouble cleaning up surfaces as professional knows how to dispose of paint materials
  • Paint durability as professional painters know the correct paint type and the paintbrush to use

When you work with the expert painters at America’s Best Choice, you can expect top-tier services from start to end, including:

  • Moving your home appliances and furniture to access the areas that need painting.
  • Covering certain areas to protect them from paints
  • Preparing the surfaces for painting by removing loose paints, sanding, evening the surface, and filling holes
  • Painting two paint coats on the ceiling and walls
  • Painting the molding and trim
  • Repainting the missed parts
  • Cleaning and removal of unnecessary paints on the surfaces
  • Final inspection with the homeowner
  • And much more …

Why Should I Hire America’s Best Choice?

Many firms and contractors claim to be professional painters, making it challenging to identify contractors who are up to the task. Below are a few of the many aspects that distinguish us from other contractors and why you should choose us:

  • Stellar Customer Reviews – Our commitment to meet the customer requirements have earned us positive reviews from our clients
  • Accurate Estimate With No Hidden Fees – When it comes to pricing, our team of experts listens and details our customer requirements, and we will give you a detailed estimate and varying budgetary options.
  • Friendly and Professional Team – As a painting contractor, we have an experienced team of experts that carry out all painting related tasks professionally, even without supervision
  • 100% Transparency Guaranteed – We are open and honest in our dealings without hidden charges
  • Availability – As a painting contractor in Atlanta, we are committed to offering painting services at any time a need arises, and we serve you immediately you contact us
  • Fully Licensed & Certified – We have all the necessary legal documents and licenses for offering both interior and exterior painting services

Contact the Best Painting Contractors in Atlanta

Whether you want to repaint the entire exterior of your home or do a detailed interior painting job, you will need to hire a professional to achieve the best results. Apart from delivering expert painting services, a painting contractor will also handle additional painting-related tasks such as filling holes and evening surfaces.

Considering our team of experts and our vast painting experience, we believe we are the best candidate to handle painting tasks professionally. We will help choose the right paint quality, colors, and finishes depending on your needs and budget. Call America’s Best Choice at 678-498-7232 for answers and solutions to all your painting needs.