Replacement Doors in St. Louis, MO

High-quality doors are pivotal to your home’s security, appearance, energy efficiency, weather resistance, and value. While premium doors have more upfront costs, they are more cost-effective in the long haul. Unfortunately, most people tend to overlook the importance of a high-quality door when upgrading their homes.

As experts in this industry, America’s Best Choice is here to help you with your door replacement and installation needs. For more information and a free estimate on replacement doors in St. Louis, reach out by calling 317-793-3338 today! Our St. Louis contractors can help you choose the best option for your home’s style and your budget.

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Why Do I Need High-Quality Doors For My Home?

Premium doors are beneficial in more ways than one including:

Safety & Security

Doors are a home’s first line of defense against intruders. If they are built poorly or ill-fitted, they can be easily bypassed. A premium door can be sufficient to avoid intrusion entirely. For the ultimate security, you should go for made-to-measure doors. In addition to security, these doors prevent any harm from coming to the occupants.

Over time, problems like protruding parts and cracked glass can be extremely unsafe and can cause harm if not addressed. That is why at America’s Best Choice, all our doors come with a manufacturer guarantee, installation warranty and are fitted with state-of-the-art locking systems to ascertain safety and security.

Energy Efficiency

Upgrading to a premium door can save you a lot of energy costs. These doors, as long as they are installed properly, can certainly help you save on both heating and cooling costs. In fact, you could be looking at up to 10% savings on energy costs per year.

Premium entry doors are vital as they provide good insulation and draught protection. Nowadays, these doors have great heat control, which effectively prevents air leaks and draught. Ideal glazing also boosts heat efficiency, meaning your home remains cool in summer and warm during winter.

Your house will remain comfortable without the over-relying on the HVAC system. This not only improves energy efficiency but saves you money on energy bills every month.

When picking a new entry door, insulation should be one of the crucial aspects. As weather conditions become more and more unpredictable, it’s imperative to keep in mind that old doors just can’t keep up with modern designs. The current doors provide unparalleled energy efficiency and allow you to recoup your investment in just a few years.

Property Value

The quality of your doors is extremely important when it comes to assessing the value of your home. Aesthetics, security, and energy efficiency all contribute greatly to the final valuation. As such, it is in your best interest to make sure your doors are up-to-date. A plus of getting high-quality doors is that the new iterations come with long-lasting guarantees that can be transferred to new owners, should you decide to move.

Avoid Major Repairs

Doors that fail to protect your house from the elements can cause internal damage over time. Moisture buildup can lead to serious issues like mold and other forms of water damage that may not become apparent until it is too late to be fixed in a simple way. By the time you realize, internal rot or permanent warping can happen, which costs a fortune to correct. Installing high-quality doors helps ensure that your home’s interior is protected from bad weather and the many issues this exposure can inflict over time.

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Types of Doors We Offer

America’s Best Choice offers a variety of different replacement doors in St. Louis and its suburbs so you can find the right option to suit your home’s style. Here are some of our popular door styles:

Entry Doors

Also referred to as the front door, the entry door is crucial for your home’s security, energy efficiency, and curb appeal. By working with America’s Best Choice, you will have access to entry doors of varying types including steel, wood, and fiberglass. In addition, you can customize your front door with hardware and decorative glass.

Double Doors

These are known for their distinct touch of elegance. They are more demanding of attention at the front of the home, making a grand impact on its aesthetic and overall appeal. As for practicality, they provide adequate space for moving in and out of the home.

Double doors can also be found in an array of materials including fiberglass, glass, wood, and steel. You can also find them in a combination of the materials.

Sliding Glass Doors

These are typically made of large glass panes encased in metal, wood, and vinyl frames. When looking to maximize your yard’s view, sliding glass doors should be your go-to. Unlike French doors, they do not consume floor space when open.

Swinging Glass Doors

Perhaps you love the idea of a glass entry door but would like more privacy than what single glass panes have to offer. You may also not like the idea of sliding doors. Well, swinging glass doors may be the answer. You still get to enjoy the flood of natural light, but from a door with a mechanism that matches your tastes or home design.

Storm Doors

Storm doors happen to be one of the most overlooked types of exterior doors. Most people view them as flimsy and think they don’t serve any real purpose. However, this could not be further from the truth.

In fact, they are great additions. They add an extra layer of energy efficiency and protection to your current front door. With the innovation and advancements in the home improvement niche, storm doors are no longer a piece of metal that’s annoying to open.

Why Choose America’s Best Choice for My Replacement Doors in St. Louis?

When it comes to high-quality doors installation, you will want a professional for the job. America’s Best Choice has extensive experience and access to the best materials and tools. We are the most qualified and trustworthy company in St. Louis, MO to handle the job safely and to your specifications. While you might be convinced that you can handle the job on your own, a door installation is not something to test your abilities, especially if you want to reap the benefits discussed earlier.

If you need help upgrading your doors, choosing America’s Best Choice means you’ll be working with a trained team that has one goal in mind- Get it done properly! We aim to go beyond our client’s expectations with every project. Call us today at 317-793-3338 to schedule your free estimate!