Wood Flooring

Even though they don’t receive much credit when a person gains entry into your premises, the type of flooring you have will play a significant role in the impression that person will have. If you are looking for the best flooring option to go with, you should consider installing wood flooring.

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If you are interested in having such a flooring design on your premises, you can schedule a no-cost and non-obligatory consultation at , and one of our representatives will drop by your premises to provide you with some guidance and a range of floor samples for you to select. You’ll have the opportunity of looking over our suggestions and ask questions while our America’s Best Choice professionals assess your place, foot traffic, budget, and needs along with other factors to provide you with bespoke advice.

Why Should I Select Wood Flooring Over Other Options?

Wood flooring has plenty of benefits over other types of flooring. Apart from adding style, it also adds character and warmth to any property (old or new). And even though the initial costs of installing a wooden floor are high, the good thing about wood floors is that they can last a lifetime if well maintained. Here are some reasons why wood flooring is better than other flooring options.


Did you know that wood flooring has a lot of benefits over other flooring options available on the market? Considering that they are natural products, they tend to add much better warmth, style, and character as compared to other man-made stone, tiles or laminate floors.

Taking this into account, they provide more comfort, particularly in the colder seasons of the year. In these seasons, laminates will be cold to the touch and even though their initial cost is low, factors such as this make wood flooring an appealing alternative. What’s more, laminates, linoleum, and carpets are susceptible to wear and tear, which will see you do replacements as years lapse costing you more money and time than originally expected.

Maintenance & Hygiene

The general cleaning and maintenance of a wooden floor couldn’t be simpler. Wooden flooring is more resistant to dirt and liquid spills so just brushing or wiping is very easy as compared if the same were to occur on a carpeted floor. Right away, this will make you rest easy when you’re cleaning up after pets or children.

As compared to carpeted floors, wood floors are superior. Allergy sufferers and pet lovers will especially benefit since wood floors don’t hide parasites like ticks, dust mites, fleas, or allergen generating spores. Additionally, unpleasant odors lingering from liquids split over won’t be an issue thanks to the convenience that wooden floors have when it comes to maintenance and hygiene.

Timeless Style

The timeless allure of wood flooring doesn’t fall victim to fashion trends. Every plank is different, so the shade variances and color add an additional unique and natural allure to any space.

It’s a fact that wood flooring has been utilized for thousands of years so you can rest easy knowing that the similar trend won’t alter for several years to come, which makes sure you save money and time. Another upside is if the flooring starts looking weary, you can just sand and seal the wood, which will immediately revitalize it.

Great Investment!

When it comes to buying any flooring covering, budget and price are always a factor to consider. Wooden flooring has a range of pricing options to consider from budget-friendly to more costly choices, meaning you won’t lack an option that suits your budget range. Regardless if you’re fitting wooden flooring into your apartment or own house, wooden flooring is an excellent investment. Either way, the aesthetic appeal to any potential buyer will be evident.

Contractor putting down wood flooring

Does Hardwood Flooring Really Increase Your Home’s Value?

Every house varies but the one thing they all have in common is the type of flooring they’ve got. They are literally situated in every single room of any modern establishment. In fact, not only is hardwood flooring elegant, classy, and easy to maintain, no flooring alternative can increase the overall resale value of a house.

What’s more, most homebuyers prefer having wood floors because of their timelessness and stylishness. Hardwood floors are undoubtedly the best flooring choice for homeowners who want to raise their home’s resale value, with hardwood having about 75% return on investment.

What Are the Different Kinds of Wood Flooring?

Since there are lots of options when it comes to wood flooring, you must learn about the different characteristics of each option to determine the best wood floor type for your home.

  • Engineered flooring
  • Reclaimed flooring
  • Bamboo flooring
  • Cork flooring
  • Laminate flooring
  • Parquet flooring
  • Wood-effect tiles
  • Solid flooring

How Do I Care For and Maintain Wood Flooring?

Here are some tips on how to maintain your wood flooring.

  • Clean Spills Immediately: Use a slightly damp or dry cloth to wipe any spills right after they’ve occurred.
  • Use Furniture Pads: To avoid scratches on your hardwood floors, make sure to add furniture pads onto the legs of your tables, sofas, chairs, etc.
  • Sweep Or Dust Daily: Even if people remove shoes in your place, dust still gets between the floorboards. Dust or sweep every day especially if you have pets.
  • Clean: When cleaning, don’t use other cleaning products or polish meant for other furniture.
  • Touch-ups: Sand and refinish your flooring to maintain the aesthetic appeal.
  • Mop: For the best care of your wooden floor, use a spray mop to minimize damage.

When you follow the aforementioned tips on how to care for and maintain your wood flooring, you can be sure that that you and every guest that walks into your premises will have a ‘wow’ moment!

Why Should I Hire America’s Best Choice?

Regardless if you want to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home, are looking for a timeless style, or want to reduce your heating bills, America’s Best Choice is your go-to service provider for all your flooring needs. They are visually appealing, durable, are great temperature insulators, and require little to no maintenance. You can expect the following from us:

  • Utmost Professionalism
  • Upfront Pricing with No Hidden Fees
  • Triple-Layer Warranty

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