6800 Vinyl Window

Building a Better Window: A Star Performer

15 reasons no other vinyl window on the market can compare!

  • 1 Offered with or without integral nailfin.
  • 2 Integral accessory groove to receive exterior & interior trim accessories.
  • 3 Rounded edges create a stunning window appearance with superior paint and laminiation adhesion.
  • 4 Multiple internal chamber placement designed for superior structural and thermal performance.
  • 5 Anti-drift design keeps top sash in place when operating primary lower sash.
  • 6 INNERGY® thermal reinforcement optimizes structural performance levels.
  • 7 Dual, 362 and triple glazing options from ¾” to 1¼” for maximum energy savings in all glass configurations.
  • 8 Duralite Insulated Glass Spacer technology for highest possible energy savings.
  • 9 Patented bulb seal design location for tight compression fit at head reduces air infiltration and saves energy.
  • 10 Optional RoboSync Lock hardware provides easy locking, unlocking, and tilt-to-clean from one central point and a smooth, uninterrupted, fully concealed tilt latch sight line.
  • 11 Continuous InterLock promotes security and structural strength.
  • 12 Full width lock rail weather stripping to virtually eliminate air infiltration.
  • 13 Telescoping/welded sloped sill detail for outstanding structural/water and thermal performance.
  • 14 Triple weather seal keeps out air, water, and saves energy..
  • 15 Patented Storm InterLock design for maximum structural performance – Patent Number 6,826,871.
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