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Windows have always been the weakest link when it comes to the energy efficiency of a house, especially if they are single-pane windows. While replacing the windows in your home is a big investment, the numerous benefits of high efficiency windows can offset this cost in the long run.

Installing new windows might sound like an expensive venture, but it can help you save money on cooling, heating, and electricity bills. Get started today with replacing your windows by contacting ABC Win in Augusta, GA at 706-550-3735.

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What Are the Benefits of Replacing Windows with High-Efficiency Windows?

High-efficiency windows save energy by using some unique coating on the glass, advanced technology, and a new window spacer system. Here are some of the key benefits of replacing your existing windows with high-efficiency windows:

Energy Savings

High-efficiency windows are capable of reducing your energy consumption. The windows have insulating properties, which means that they can keep your home environment comfortable during summer or winter. This means that you will no longer need to rely too much on your heating or air conditioning systems.

Improved Comfort

Drafts are some of the most frequent complaints about older windows and the cold glass often makes drafts far more unbearable. Strong direct sunlight that shines on older windows also heats up the interior of your home causing discomfort to everybody inside. High-efficiency windows are built to eliminate draft and reflect heat thus greatly improving your indoor comfort level.

Protection from UV Rays

The sun’s ultraviolet (UV) rays streaming through your old, uncoated windows can cause various items in your house, such as the furniture to fade and deteriorate. Fortunately, modern high-efficiency windows with low-emissivity coatings can reduce fading by as much as 75%, which is just one of the numerous advantages of energy efficient windows.

Reduced Condensation

High-efficiency windows can reduce the amount of condensation in your home significantly. The insulation these windows provide ensures that their surface temperature stays above the threshold that attracts moisture from the air. Still, humidity is unavoidable, so always use dehumidifiers or fans to keep humidity levels under control.

Noise Reduction

A surprising benefit of high-efficiency windows that many people don’t seem to know about is that they are able to prevent outside noises from infiltrating your home. The same properties that make high-efficiency windows effective at sealing out exterior temperatures also give them excellent soundproofing capabilities.

Stylish Windows

What Types of Windows Does ABC Win Offer?

ABC Win offers windows of various types and styles, but the most popular ones are those made of vinyl.

Vinyl Windows

Vinyl is one of the most popular materials for replacement windows. It comes from a blend of ethylene and chlorine. It is a synthetic material, which makes it resistant to rotting and decaying caused by water and humidity. Here are the top benefits of vinyl windows:

Energy Efficiency

Vinyl windows are known for their energy-efficiency. In fact, they are superior to both wood and aluminum with regards to thermal protection. The windows are designed with energy efficiency at the top of mind and include energy-efficient-specific options such as multiple glass panes and insulation.

Low Maintenance

Vinyl windows are also low-maintenance. Unlike wood, vinyl doesn’t require any upkeep. While wood requires occasional finishing or sanding, vinyl stays shining and true to how it looked when it was first installed. Vinyl windows are also much easier to clean.

Budget-Friendly Price

Vinyl is the cheapest of all window materials, but it does not mean that vinyl windows are of low quality. Vinyl windows are quite affordable, which means that you can find a high-quality product within your budget.

Color Options

Vinyl windows have the most limited color options, but you can be sure that you still have plenty of options to choose from. The vast majority of brands have a decent combination of neutral shades coupled with a few bold options for those looking to make more of a statement.


The fact that vinyl windows are long-lasting and durable is one of the reasons why they are so popular. You don’t need to stain or paint them. They are also resistant to common window problems such as fading, peeling, and warping.

What Types of Styles of Windows Does ABC Win Offer?

At ABC Win in Augusta, GA, there are plenty of window styles and designs to choose from. Understanding your needs, budget, and architecture style plays an important role in helping you make the right decision.

Double or Single Hung

Single- and double-hung windows are known for their classic appearance and while they might appear virtually identical at first glance, they are actually remarkably different in terms of their operation.

Double-hung windows slide either down or up, letting in fresh air into your home. The windows feature expansive views with 2 operational glass panes and are some of the most effective windows for ventilating your home and extending your connection to the outside world.

Single-hung windows, on the other hand, have a fixed sash that allow for a more airtight seal, which effectively keeps out unwanted air infiltration. Single-hung windows have been around for a long time, which is why they are commonly found in older homes.

Energy Efficient Windows - ABC Win

Window Screens

Window screens are used for a variety of reasons. One of the most popular reasons is letting fresh air in while keeping bugs out. Still, there are other types of window screens that help reduce UV rays from direct sunlight. Window styles are an important consideration when determining which type of window screen to use. Here are the types of window screens we offer:


Fiberglass window screens are currently trendy due to their affordability and use of lightweight materials. The screens come in a wide variety of colors and styles that allow homeowners to choose the most suitable ones for their homes.


Retractable window screens have grown in popularity especially in recent years. They provide the perfect combination of a screen and storm window. When you are ready to use the screen, just pull it down and secure it in place and once finished, the screen retracts fully.


Privacy window screens offer an extra layer of privacy. Unlike standard window screens, however, privacy screens tend to be thicker and more tightly woven. The screens act as a shield to the outdoor elements while still allowing the free flow of air into your home.

Grids in the Window

Window grids are the partitions used for visually dividing a window into smaller sections primarily for aesthetic reasons. Window grids essentially have no functional purpose and don’t add to the structural integrity of your windows. Window grids are of several different types and styles, which include:


Colonial grids partition the window into an even number of proportionate panes, which gives the window a more traditional look. The pane is typically divided into 4, 6, or 9 sections, creating the appearance of smaller, individual windows within the frame. A popular choice for this look is double-hung windows.


Farmhouse grids are often found in double-hung windows and offer a conventional look. This style usually divides the pane into 4 sections. The panes are usually asymmetrical with vertical rectangles and are usually narrower and taller than colonial grids. Sometimes, it is just the top pane of the window that’s partitioned with the bottom pane not having a grid.


Decorative grids are ideal for those looking for something that really stands out and makes a statement. Unlike the proportional look of farmhouse or colonial grids, decorative grids create unique patterns for an artistic look. Decorative grids are usually customized to complement the look of your home. Often, it is just the upper pane that has this style of window grid.


The large, open center of the window is the most unique feature of a prairie grid. In this style, you will find the grid lines in the top, bottom, and sides of the pane framing the middle of the glass with decorative small squares and rectangular patterns around it. The plain center that’s free of grid lines is the focal point of this design.


Modern grids are best described as minimalist. They are a popular option for contemporary homes such as ranch houses. They are ideal for adding interest when a grid is needed, but when something subtle is required. Modern grids utilize a simple design featuring horizontal lines. You will often find them in large windows.

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