Window Replacement in Columbus, OH

As a homeowner, you want your windows to do more than just allow light and air into the house. Your ideal windows should readily serve the purpose of architectural decoration. Perhaps even a greater contribution, your windows should be able to reinforce your home’s energy efficiency.

While you could have it all sorted in your mind, you may not be able to do install windows by yourself. This is also true for window repairs – you will need a professional window contractor to help you do the job professionally. Hiring a window contractor is the best way to get the job done quickly and professionally while getting the value for your investment.

Are you looking to install windows in your new home or update your old, outdated windows? Look no further! America’s Best Choice is a window contractor in Columbus that will handle your window installation and repair needs professionally. If you are ready to give your home a facelift by installing or repairing windows, call us today at 614-820-1766.

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Benefits of High-Quality Windows

It’s no secret – high-quality windows make your home a better place to live in. But what exactly makes them a no-brainer for any homeowner? Below are the main benefits of high-quality windows.

Enhance Home Comfort

Drafty windows are undoubtedly a recipe for discomfort, and they are the last thing you want for your home. High-quality windows keep away drafts and preserve the warmth in your home, making it a more comfortable space during the cold months. Such windows also have strong insulating properties that help you maintain cool indoor temperatures during the summer.

Boost Home Safety

High-quality windows improve the safety features of your home. Such windows come with superior locks that can help keep burglars away. This keeps your kids and property inside the house safe. Also, these windows aren’t as difficult to operate in case you need an emergency exit.

Improve Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

By installing high-quality windows, your HVAC system won’t need to work as hard. With your air conditioner or furnace not being called upon as often, your monthly energy bills will significantly go down.

Keep Off UV Light

High-quality windows come with other premium products that help keep UV rays away. You may already know that UV light is a foe to your carpets, curtains, rugs, upholstered furniture, and even wall hangings in your home. Without adequate protection you’ll soon notice faded surfaces. By installing high-quality windows and products, you will protect your textiles. What’s more, you eliminate the need to revamp your living spaces as regularly.

Shut Out Noise

Another feature of high-quality windows is their noise reduction. Compared to older types of windows, they are effective at keeping noise out of your home. This means that your sleep isn’t interrupted by noise. The quiet and ambient environment is also important when you want to get on with your work while at home.

Boost Your Home Value

High-quality windows are a great investment as they boost the value of your property. Industry experts argue that homeowners can recoup about three-quarters of the cost of new high-quality windows on selling your home. Replacing your old windows with new, high-quality ones when prepping your house for sale can help your home attract better prices and get off the market faster.

Types of Windows We Offer

At America’s Best Choice, we mainly offer vinyl and composite windows.


These windows are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is a firm, impact-resistant material. The windows have hollow chambers that help prevent condensation and heat transfer. An appealing factor of vinyl windows is that the material doesn’t fade or rot. Also, they don’t need finishing or painting upon installation.

Composite Windows

These are more recent than their vinyl counterparts. They are made from a mixture of materials like resin and fiberglass. Given the material composition, the window frame is usually flexible yet strong. Unlike vinyl windows, with which the material is noticeable at a glance, composite windows have a wood-like appearance.

These windows are therefore perfect for maintaining the rustic look of your antique home. However, that doesn’t mean that your modern home can’t have these windows. Composite windows come in various styles and looks that can go well with modern homes.

image is of the inside of a home showing beautiful windows and doors concept of window replacement in Columbus, OH


Like vinyl windows, composite windows are low-maintenance and don’t need much scraping or painting to keep them looking good. Their resistance to rot and staining makes them great for homes in high weather variance cities. It is also worth mentioning that the thermally superior composite material eliminates heat transfer better than other materials, including aluminum, wood, fiberglass, and vinyl.

Also, their SuperCap surface provides unmatched thermal and weathering performance. Further, the K-value of these windows is the lowest in the market, which means that they provide more savings on air conditioning costs.

If you are looking to install new or replacement windows and don’t know what type of window to choose, don’t fret. Our qualified and experienced technicians can make informed recommendations that will suit your goals and match your home’s look.

Styles of Windows

Homeowners who are looking for replacement windows for their homes have plenty of options to fit their home style. Each window style is unique and serves a unique purpose. Our technicians are conversant with different window styles and can help install any of the following:

Double Hung

Most people may not know its official name, but it is one of the commonest and you may already be familiar with it. These windows consist of two large sashes fitted within vertical tracks for sliding up and down. Double-hung windows offer ample ventilation and also improve energy efficiency. There are also many styles and variations to these windows that are available. Because of their ventilation and versatility, they are ideal for most rooms in your home.

Picture Window

These feature a main frame and an insulated glass unit that offers architectural elegance and a larger viewing perspective. Picture windows generally offer beauty and efficiency. The glass unit in picture windows is stationary, which makes it easier to have a clear view of the outdoors. These windows also add to the aesthetic appeal of a room.

Sliding Window

Also known as slider windows, these are mechanically simple windows. They consist of side-by-side windows fitted within the top and bottom tracks for the windows to slide horizontally. In some sliding window variations, both sashes will slide, while in others, one window will be fixed while the other sash slides horizontally.

Sliding windows allow plenty of sunlight to enter a room. They are also great for ventilation, making them ideal for any room in your home. In a sliding window, the frame and sash will be welded for additional strength.

Casement Window

These windows have one main sash that cranks open horizontally about 90 degrees. The sash moves about hinges fitted at the top and bottom. With these windows, one side is stationary while the other pivots open in a door-like manner.

These are also common windows as they offer plenty of ventilation since the windows open all the way. This makes them suitable for kitchens as well as other rooms that have great views as the sashes don’t obstruct any beautiful views.

Awning Window

These are designed to operate just like casement windows. They have one main sash that is fitted with a top hinge for cranking out at 90 degrees. Besides offering maximum ventilation, these windows have a classic, yet modern look. They are also easy to combine with other types of windows for easy outdoor accessibility as well as to add visual appeal to a room.

Bay Window

Also known as bow windows, they refer to a combination of several windows that form an outward-extending unit from the home’s wall surface. They derive their name from the shape formed by the collection of windows (in this case, the shape is more-or-less square).

Single Hung

This variation of the double-hung windows features a top fixed sash and a bottom vertically sliding sash. These windows offer some energy-saving benefits but are majorly seen as a lower-cost alternative to the more common double-hung windows.

Single-hung windows can be used in virtually any room in your home and also in offices. The frame and sash are welded to provide extra strength. Also, single-hung windows will come with dual weather-stripping that offers protection from water, wind, and other elements.

Why Choose America’s Best Choice?

If you’re wondering why you should choose us for your next window installation or repair project here’s why:

Professional Company

Our technicians are professionally trained and understand the nuances of window installation and repair. What’s more, they use the right tools for the job, meaning that they deliver quality work in less time.

Licensed and Bonded

America’s Best Choice is licensed and bonded to offer window installation and repair services in the Columbus area. You can rest assured that meet all the standards required and adhere to the industry requirements.

Choose Us for Your Window Replacement in Columbus

Windows are an important part of a home’s architecture, that’s why you need professionals to handle your window installation and repair needs. If you’re a Columbus homeowner and need any of these services, call America’s Best Choice today at 614-820-1766 to get a free estimate.