Window Replacement in Philadelphia, PA

When it comes to safeguarding your home and your belongings, choosing the right windows that meet your specific needs is key. It’s also crucial that you select the right window installation specialists to ensure the windows are installed properly the first time around per the manufacturer’s specifications. When you select America’s Best Choice as your preferred window installation and repair service provider, you can expect nothing but the best.

Our windows are designed to keep you and your loved ones comfy regardless of the climate. Our weatherproof frames and energy-efficient glasses guarantee lower energy bills, reduced sound, and consistent room temperature. Regardless of the Pennsylvania climate, we at America’s Best Choice promise to supply you with quality energy-efficient windows that guarantee absolute comfort for you and your loved ones.

We have a partnership with premier window manufacturers across the U.S. so that we are able to guarantee our clients exceptional prices, exceptional quality, and energy-efficient products. To get your money’s worth, reach out to us at 267-361-2053 to schedule a FREE in-home window consultation today! Get a free estimate on your window replacement in Philadelphia.

What Are the Benefits of High-Quality Windows?

High-high quality windows have many benefits, including:

  • Reduced Energy Bills
  • Improved Home Comfort
  • Superior Noise Reduction
  • Increased Home Safety
  • Increased Property Value
  • Protection From UV Rays

What Are the Types of Windows We Offer?

We offer both vinyl and composite windows.


At America’s Best Choice, we offer the very best vinyl windows on the market, and there is a myriad of reasons why you should select vinyl windows over other types of windows available these days.

Unlike their counterparts aluminum and wood, vinyl windows are maintenance-free and will never need refinishing, sanding, or repainting. They are moisture-resistant and won’t warp, swell, or rot. As time lapses, they stay pristine and beautiful as the day they were fitted, saving you money and time, presently and in the future. Our windows come in various colors, options, and styles and are tailor-made to fit exact spaces in your house, which means you won’t need to change the appearance and structure of your house to accommodate installing your windows.

Besides the temperature insulating properties of vinyl, our windows will aid to greatly minimize energy costs and ensure that you are comfy in the hot summer months and dead of winter.


This type of window has these unique high-performance features:

  • Constructed for the characteristic appearance of a wood window to augment the beauty and resale value of your house without having the issues affiliated with wood.
  • The composite material has a thermally superior solid core which minimizes energy transmission better than aluminum, fiberglass, vinyl, or wood.
  • Its surface offers superior thermal performance and weathering.
  • Has the lowest K-value (thermal conductivity), guaranteeing greater savings on cooling and heating costs.
  • Water-resistant. Insect and rot-free.

What Are Some Styles of Windows?

Many window types vary in design, size, and construction materials. Some window types are more suitable in certain places than others, so you need to identify a style that suits you best. Below are some window types that we offer.

Double Hung

For ample ventilation and energy efficiency, these windows feature two perpendicularly sliding sashes. There are numerous variations and styles available.

Out of the various window styles to go with, double-hung windows have the greatest ventilation and versatility. In one frame, these windows have two sashes that slide down or up perpendicularly, offering plenty of ventilation and energy efficiency. These windows can be fitted in any room of your house.

We have a wide selection of vinyl double-hung windows on the market, including several exterior and interior color options along with glass patterns energy efficient, and so on. And given how they are 100% vinyl, you can be certain they will be durable, strong, and aesthetically pleasing for a very long time.


Architectural windows and picture windows feature one focal frame and an immovable glass unit that’s insulated, generally used for a greater viewing angle or architectural style. They offer efficiency and beauty. We have a broad range of options to select from for your house.

Picture windows are basically static windows featuring one focal frame that gives a clear view of what’s outside and gives any room some architectural interest.

We provide various types of picture windows, including square, half-circle, and rectangle-shaped, all of which are available in different colors with the choice to include grid patterns. Furthermore, all our picture windows have outward slanting frames to increase their beauty and assist improve the curb appeal of your business or house. We at America’s Best Choice have nearly every picture window option on the market.


These windows have two functional sashes that can be moved horizontally. There are two and three lite variants of this window.

These windows feature a single or two sliding sashes that can be moved parallel to each other within the frame. This offers easy accessibility to the sun and offers ample ventilation, which makes them suitable for any room in the house. To provide additional strength, the frame and sash are welded and the aluminum half screen increases durability and provides a fast pathway outside.

Here at America’s Best Choice, we provide the best variety of slider windows on the market. Our vinyl slider windows feature dual force resilient cam locks and double strength insulated glass that are in line with AAMA stipulations, along with dual weather stripping, which means you are safeguarded from virtually anything.




These windows feature one focal sash with a hinge on the side that opens up 90 degrees to allow for ample ventilation. They have a typical yet modern appearance.

With side hinges, instead of opening from the top or sliding, these windows are suitable for places like the kitchen that require peak ventilation since they open up completely. It also makes them ideal for spaces with excellent views, which leaves the beautiful scenery open.

Our casement windows are made using double-strength insulated glass and durable vinyl that are aesthetically appealing. We have a stockpile of various color options including earth tone, bronze, white, and tan that are sure to meet any style you want or need.


Awning windows feature one key sash that has a hinge on the top to open up 90 degrees for ample ventilation.

We have among the best awning window options available. Our windows are constructed with multi-chambered vinyl for maximum energy efficiency and durability and are an excellent option for any office or home.

These windows feature a single sash with a hinge on top that opens towards the outside. They are usually joint with other kinds of windows to increase visual appeal to a space and allow for easy access to the outside. Furthermore, our awning windows are fabricated with dual-strength insulated glass, which creates a lasting barrier to the room temperature consistently comfy.


Our bay windows can redefine the exterior and interior design of any home. When you install this window, it will function as a statement feature, and at the same time increase your house’s:

Room Space

This window style will magnify your room in both functionality and appearance. You can make use of your additional space for dining, convert it into a reading corner, or simply increase some dimension to your living space.


These windows can provide built-in storage space. You can utilize it for greater household objects, or choose a limited shelving alternative for better organization.

Exterior Value

Bay windows by America’s Best Choice improve your home’s design which, in turn, raises its whole exterior value

Because of their various window configuration, bay windows are more customizable compared to other window styles.

Single Hung

These windows have a single bottom perpendicular sliding sash. In this case, the sash on top is fixed.

If you happen to be on a tight budget, then single-hung windows are an excellent option for you. They are frequently used at the workplace and home. They feature a movable sash at the bottom and a fixed sash on top. For additional strength, the window’s frame and sash are welded. Our windows come with double weather-stripping to shield against water, wind, and other elements.

There are also various kinds of glass to select from like gray-tinted glass, bronze, or colonial-style grids. Whatever style you may be looking for, you can be certain that we have it in stock.

Why Choose America’s Best Choice Window Replacement in Philadelphia?

Here are a few reasons you should choose us for your window repairs and installation needs

Upfront Pricing – No Hidden Charges

We don’t use any gimmicks or dodgy sales tactics. We take it upon ourselves to provide our clients with direct and honest pricing on every project we undertake. All our installation costs and products are given upfront with no hidden fees. This allows our clients to plan themselves according to their budget with no surprises later on.

Professional Installation

We are dedicated to providing the absolute best service at every stage – particularly installation. We at America’s Best Choice ascertain that each installation job is done by certified expert installers. You can rest easy knowing that every installation is done with keen attention to detail and utmost professionalism. Our professionals always aim to exceed expectations.

Triple Layer Warranty

Every client is assured of a three-pronged protection guarantee. The manufacturer warranty encapsulates a Limited Lifetime Warranty and provides coverage for operation, seal, and parts failure types of items.

There’s also an extra supplemental warranty for our windows, siding, and so on. This warranty includes lifetime accidental glass breaking and also includes a lifetime installation warranty.

Our clients also receive a ‘Make It Right’ warranty from TrustDALE.

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