Energy Efficient Windows: 5 Reasons to Install Them Now

Energy Efficient Windows: 5 Reasons to Install Them Now

A lot of our clients ask us why they should spend the money on energy efficient windows. It can be hard to shell out the kind of money it takes to install all new windows. However, when you consider how much you’re throwing away on old, single-pane windows, it makes perfect sense. As much as 25-30% of your heat and cool air can escape through your old windows. This is like throwing $20 bills out the car window. This is why our home improvement experts near you suggest that you at least consider installing energy efficient windows. At least have us come out and give you a free estimate. You’d be surprised how much more sense it may make to install energy efficient windows once you meet with our associate.

We suggest you call our office as soon as possible to get your free estimate. With winter on the horizon, it makes sense to do this now. Why let another cold winter cost you hundreds of dollars in utility bills? Not only that, but if you install energy efficient windows, your home will be more comfortable. And, for those of you looking to sell your home, you’ll find that these windows will not only increase the value of your home, but it will also improve your curb appeal.

Here, we’ll discuss the 5 biggest reasons why you should call one of our home improvement experts near you today. Let them come out and show you the benefits of energy efficient windows.

You Will Save a Lot of Money on Your Utility Bills

One of the biggest reasons why you would want to install energy efficient windows is that it will save you a ton in utility bills. If you have single-pane old windows, they are going to let cold and hot air in. This means that, no matter how high you run your heat and air conditioning, it may not be enough. You’ll have to compensate for the leakage by running your heater and A/C longer and at a higher level. This costs money. Some say that you could be losing as much as 25% to 30% of your utility bills every year. Over time, this adds up to a significant amount of money.

Energy Efficient Windows Will Reduce Condensation and Mold

If you have old windows, you’ve probably noticed that a lot of condensation builds up on the inside panes. This is because there sealant is not as efficient as it is with newer, energy efficient windows. Our home improvement expert in your area can fix this problem. This will eliminate the cold air coming through while still reducing the chances of condensation. In addition, it will reduce the chances of mold growing between the panes of your current windows. For people who have asthma or other allergies, mold can make them very sick. Some people end up with serious respiratory issues if they’re breathing mold in on a daily basis.

These Windows Are Low Maintenance

One nice thing you’ll realize if you install energy efficient windows is that they’re low maintenance. Nothing is worse than having to wash the inside and outside of your old windows. Most of the time, you can’t really clean your upstairs windows unless you hire a professional. With new energy efficient windows, you’ll enjoy a tilt frame which is easy to clean. On top of that, you won’t have to worry about repainting or restaining your windows. Not only is this time consuming, but it can cost money as well.

If You Install Energy Efficient Windows, Your Home Will Be More Comfortable

If you still have old windows in your home, you’re probably dealing with drafts in the cold months. On top of that, you also feel the heat and sun come in during the summer months. If you install energy efficient windows, you’ll feel better sitting in your living room watching television. You’ll feel more comfortable lying in bed knowing that you won’t have to worry about cold, icy drafts passing through, chilling you to your bones.

You Can Increase Your Home’s Value and Improve Your Curb Appeal

A lot of our clients don’t realize it, but if you install energy efficient windows, you’ll increase the value of your home. From the time a prospective buyer pulls up to your home, they’ll notice how nice your new windows look. In addition, the value and selling price of your home goes up as well. People are willing to spend more knowing that they’ll save a good bit of money on their energy bills down the road.

Let One of Our Home Improvement Experts Near You Lend a Hand

If you’re ready to make the move to energy efficient windows, it’s time to contact our office. We can send one of our home improvement experts near you out to your home for a free estimate. We’ll take a look at your home and get an idea of what you’re looking to accomplish. Perhaps you want to get all of your windows replaced. Or you may want to install energy efficient windows in half the house for now. We can give you an idea of what it costs and how long it will take to complete the installation.

You already know what benefits energy efficient windows offer. It’s just a matter of whether you’re ready to pull the trigger and make the investment. If you’re worried about the cost, it’s important to understand that you’ll receive a return on your investment of more than 70%. And that comes from the money you’ll save on your utility bills. It doesn’t include the extra money you can realize on the sale of your home. Nor does it include the time and money you’ll save on maintenance.

If you’re serious about installing energy efficient windows, contact one of our home improvement experts near you today. We’ll get someone out to meet with you at your earliest convenience.

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