Exterior Home Renovations: 5 Ways to Up Curb Appeal

Exterior Home Renovations: 5 Ways to Up Curb Appeal

We had a client come into the office last week inquiring about exterior home renovations. When we asked the homeowner when the last time they refreshed the outside of their home, they said it hadn’t been long. The more they thought about it, however, they realized it had been over ten years since they made a single change to the exterior of their home. This is not a negative reflection on our client. It is simply the way most homeowners think. When you shell out thousands of dollars to make modest and incremental improvements to your home, you don’t always look forward to doing it again. This, coupled with the fact that you see your home every single day, can make it hard to pinpoint exactly when you last did exterior home renovations.

The good news is that our home renovation experts can point out little things you can do to dramatically change the curb appeal of your home. Here, we’ll discuss five things that a lot of homeowners are doing to increase both the curb appeal and market value of their homes in today’s market. If you still have questions about your own exterior home renovation plans, give us a call. One of our home renovation experts can always come out and offer you a free estimate.

It May Be Time to Replace Your Exterior Doors

If you’re like most homeowners, you don’t spend a lot of time looking at the façade of your home. You leave for work in the morning and don’t look back. When you finally pull up at the end of a long day, you just want to get inside, kick your shoes off, and relax. The last thing you’re worried about is whether it’s time to replace your exterior doors.

However, one of the first things your home renovation experts will point out is how dated and unsightly your doors may be. Perhaps you have wooden doors and they’re peeling and falling apart. Or you may have metal doors that have dings and marks in them from being slammed one time too many. Regardless of the condition of your exterior doors, it may be time to install new ones.

Get Rid of Your Old-Fashioned Windows

Back in the mid-1990s, homeowners all over the U.S bragged about how they had finally installed easy-to-clean windows. They were fascinated by the fact that they could tip their windows down in order to clean them. What they didn’t realize is that, over time, even the most fashionable and practical windows should be replaced.

When we first suggest to our clients that they should consider investing in replacement windows, they think we’re a little off our rocker. They can’t understand why they would do something like that when their existing windows “work just fine.” We can understand why someone would feel this way. After all, as long as your windows open and close, what more do you need? In today’s market, people want more than form and function. They want style. They want energy efficient. You can’t get these things with outdated windows.

Install a Large Bay Window in the Front of Your Home

Regardless of what the current façade of your home is, you should consider installing a large bay window in the front of your home as one of the exterior home renovations you invest in. Or, if you’re really daring, you can opt for floor to ceiling windows in the front of your home. Not only will this catch the eye of potential buyers, but it can also improve the curb appeal of your home.

One thing about these large windows is that they invite a lot of natural light into your home. If you’ve watched any of the house hunter shows on reality television, then you know how much potential buyers talk about natural light. A large window in the front of your home can kill two birds with one stone!

Paint Your Garage Doors a Fresh New Color

If you happen to have a one or two-car garage, you probably haven’t painted them in at least five years. Perhaps you live in a neighborhood where the association dictates what color you paint your doors. Or you figure that nobody will notice how drab and dull the color of your garage doors are unless they’re up close. Our home renovation experts are here to tell you that this isn’t the case. If you can’t bother to put a fresh coat of paint on your exterior doors, including the garage door, what does that tell potential buyers about the interior of your home? Sadly, many of them will never find out because they can’t get past the boring façade and lack of curb appeal.

Have a Home Renovation Expert Install an Atrium or Skylight

Depending on the size and design of your home, it may be a good idea to install an atrium or skylight in the entryway of your home. This is one of those exterior home renovations that would really catch a buyer’s eye. Plus, our home renovation experts can introduce you to materials that will still allow for energy efficiency.

You’d Be Surprised at What a Few Exterior Home Renovations Can Do

If you’re looking to make a few changes to the exterior of your home, you’re not alone. Whether you’re looking to improve your curb appeal before selling your house or you just want your home to look nicer, contact a home renovation expert. For the last few years, it has been a seller’s market. People who couldn’t get a single offer on their home five years ago were dealing with competing bids this past summer. However, things are changing now. It is slowly but surely reverting back to being a buyer’s market. This means that you’re going to need to pull out all the stops to impress potential buyers. One of the best ways to do this is to spruce up your home’s curb appeal.

Our expert home renovation technicians can help you decide exactly what changes need to be made to the exterior of your home. You can look at as many design magazines as you want. The best way to know what people are attracted to in today’s market is to go right to the source. Our team has been performing radical exterior home renovations for clients across the country. We know what is hot right now and we know what home buyers are looking for. Contact our office so we can send an associate out to your home and provide you with a free estimate today.

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