Fence Installation: Time Taken for a New Fence Installation?

When it comes to home improvements, the big joke is that a one-month project will end up taking a year. That’s even the case when it comes to professional home improvement experts. While every fence installation company does their best to complete a job on time, as with any other home improvement project, you will face uncertainties and surprises along the way. This is especially true when it comes with a fence installation.

One thing that can frustrate any homeowner is when you tell them that you’ll have their fence installation completed by a certain date, and then when that date arrives, you’re nowhere near completion. What we like to do is work with our clients along the way and keep them updated so that they’re never shocked or surprised with any lengthy extension. On paper, having a new fence installed around your property, be it residential or commercial, is rather simple. You just mark off the area that you want enclosed end and so the fence. How hard is it really to do this? The truth is that it can be a lot more difficult than you may think.

Here, we will discuss the various factors that can affect how long it will take to complete your fence installation. Our home improvement experts do their best to deliver a completed project on time, however, there’s always the chance that your project may be delayed by weeks or even months. What we like to remind our clients of is that it’s much better to wait an extra few weeks and have your fence properly installed than it is to hire somebody who will do a rush job and leave you needing repairs in a matter of months. If you have questions about your own fence installation, just give us a call and one of our agents can help you over the phone or they can come out and perform a free estimate.

Several Factors Affect How Long Your Fence Installation Will Take

As noted above, there are several factors that can impact how long it takes to complete your fence installation. Obviously, weather can always be an issue. If you are having your fence installation done when the ground is cold and hard, there’s always a chance of delays. One thing you want to remember is that the perks of having a fence installed in the winter is that you will usually get a better price and the contractor will have more flexibility as far as scheduling is concerned. Unfortunately, having a fence installed in the winter months also means that your home improvement expert may have to improvise here and there. Again, it comes down to a matter of having the job done properly so you can rest assured you won’t have issues in the future. The temporary delays are all worth it in the end when you look out and see the fence that you wanted installed around your home completed, fresh looking, and the envy of your neighbors.

How Large is the Area You Want to Enclose?

Another factor that can have a significant impact on how long it takes to complete your fence installation is the size of the area that you want to enclose. If you have a tiny yard and want a simple fence wrapped around it, that may be done in a matter of days. However, if you have a large yard, or you’re looking to have a fence installed on your commercial property, it will take much longer than that. It’s impossible to give an exact number of weeks here because every fence installation job is different. However, when you meet with your fence installation contractor, they can give you a much better idea of what the anticipated completion date will be.

What Style of Fence Are You Looking to Install?

This style of fence that you’re looking to install will also play a role in how long it takes to finish the job. If you want to install a fancy, intricate fence with gates and spindles, it may take a lot longer to complete the job. If you want something simple and it’s a square enclosure, it may be done much faster than you think. This is something you want to bring up when you meet with your contractor for your free estimate.

Do You Know What Time of Year You Want Your Fence Installation to Be Done?

One final factor that’s important to discuss here is the time of year that you choose to do your home improvements. As briefly mentioned above, of all the home improvement jobs you could choose to have done in the winter, having a new fence installed may be the most difficult. The ground gets cold and hard, and it can even get frozen at times. This makes it nearly impossible for your contractor to use their traditional tools. It will also be very difficult to finagle the fencing material into the ground.

Call Our Home Improvement Experts for Your Free Estimate

If you know that you’re ready to have a new fence installed at your home, then it’s probably a good idea to speak with an expert. Our home improvement experts speak with new clients every day who are looking to have a new fence installed or to repair an existing fence. What we like to do is have a brief discussion about what you’re looking for first, and then schedule a free estimate so we can come out to your home and see what we will be dealing with. As discussed above, there are several factors that can impact how long it will take for your fence installation to be completed. This is something that you can discuss with one of our representatives during your free estimate.

One of the great things about our company is that we have decades of experience handling all kinds of improvement projects. A lot of our clients contact us about doing a fence repair or fence installation. Typically, we may do a window installation at somebody’s home. A few months later, they contact us to discuss a fence installation. The nice thing about that is that we’re already very familiar with their home and we know what kind of style the client is going for. If you think that you’re ready to have a fence installed on your property, be it residential or commercial, give our office a call today. We’ll pick a date and time to have someone come out and do a free estimate