Garage Doors: How Do You Know It’s Time to Fix Them?

Garage Doors: How Do You Know It’s Time to Fix Them?

If you live in a home with a 1-car or 2-car garage, you know how convenient it is to have your garage doors open while you’re pulling into the driveway. In a matter of seconds, you pull into the sanctity of your garage and watch the door close quietly behind you. Not only is it convenient, but it also keeps your family and your possessions safe and secure.

Sadly, if you run into problems with your garage door, you may not know who to call. The good news is that the professionals at America’s Best Choice can help. The better news is that we have home services near you.

You don’t really think about how much you depend on your automatic garage doors until they stop working. When they’re not working or are too loud to raise up and down, you have two options. You can manually open and close your doors, which defeats the purpose of having automatic garage doors. Or you can park in the driveway.

Neither of these options is all that appealing. You do have a third option, however. You can always give one of the home services near you a call and have them come out to do a free estimate. If there’s a problem with your garage doors, they’ll detect it, diagnose it, and fix it within no time.

Are Your Garage Doors Opening or Closing Slower than Normal?

If you happen to notice that your garage doors are opening or closing more slowly than normal, you need to call a technician. This is often a sign that there’s a problem with the motor. The problem with this is that your family is used to the doors going up and down quickly. With it moving so much more slowly, one of your children or pets could get trapped in the garage. Worse yet, someone could get crushed by the descending door.

Rather than let this happen, call one of our company’s home services near you. We can send a technician out to check the door out. They’ll figure out what the problem is and fix it as quickly as possible. If, by chance, the door needs to be completely replaced, it can take a bit longer. You may have to park in the driveway or on the street for a couple of weeks.

Just make sure you don’t continue to use the garage doors if there’s a problem. You have no idea what kind of damage you’re doing to the doors, the tracks, or the motor.

Are You Hearing Strange Noises When the Motor Starts?

One giveaway that there’s something wrong with your garage doors is if you hear strange noises coming from your garage doors. This could sound like a loud whining or screeching. If this happens, you want to stop using the automated doors right away.

The noises may start out low at first, but they’ll start to get louder as time goes on. Don’t make the mistake of thinking the noise will just go away. It won’t. it will get progressively worse until the doors stop working altogether.

The smart thing to do is to call our office as soon as you notice the noise. Don’t use the doors until someone gets a chance to take a look at them. One of our experts will let you know if the problem is serious or not. Hopefully, the problem will be with one of the springs instead of the motor. There’s no way to know for sure until a professional gets a chance to investigate.

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Is One Door Sagging or Hanging Lower than the Other Side?

This problem can be a lot harder to notice than the other ones. If you happen to notice that one side of the garage door is hanging lower than the other, there could be an issue with the track. At first, the door may be slightly off-track. However, over time, it will get worse. At some point, the door could get stuck in an open position.

Rather than let the problem get worse (and more expensive to fix), call us right away. It could be an easy fix. Perhaps the door just needs to be realigned. Or the technician may need to replace the door. Either way, they’ll let you know before they do anything.

Is Your Garage Door Stuck Halfway Open?

One of the more common reasons customers call our shop is because their garage door is stuck halfway open. As you go to drive your vehicle into the waiting garage, you notice the door come to a stop. You try to open and close it again, but the same thing happens. This can be frustrating.

While you’re waiting for someone to come out and fix your garage doors, the whole neighborhood can walk right into your garage. You may be able to turn the motor off and manually bring the door to a close. As long as there isn’t an issue with the door being stuck in the track this should work. If not, you’ll just have to be patient while you wait for one of America’s Best Choice experts to come out.

If You’re Experiencing Trouble with Your Garage Doors, Call a Home Services Near You

Having something go wrong with your garage doors is more of a nuisance than anything else. Unless the entire door or motor needs to be replaced, it shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. Still, you want to make sure the repairs are done correctly. That’s why you should call one of the pros from America’s Best Choice right away.

Our technicians have decades of combined experience. Chances are, whatever the problem is, they’ve seen it countless times before. Once they diagnose the issue, they’ll ask you how you want to proceed. The work they do is top-notch, and they use only the best materials. Call today and ask for your free estimate.

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