How to Keep Your Front Door Looking Beautiful for Years

How to Keep Your Front Door Looking Beautiful for Years

Are you looking to replace an old door or install a new one? Are you tired of looking at a drab old door every time you walk in or out of your home? Would you like to learn how to take proper care and maintenance of your door to get value for your money? Well, this article will go over some helpful tips you can use to take adequate care of your door, leaving it looking beautiful for an extended period.

When visiting your home, the first thing anyone will notice is your front door, so you must take proper care of your door. Consider cleaning your front door regularly and have maintenance now and then so it stays looking beautiful and has an extended lifespan. Read on to learn about how to keep your front door looking beautiful.

Tips for Taking Care of Your Front Door

The type of care and maintenance your front door will need depends on its material. Some doors may be easier to maintain and care for than others. However, even doors that are low maintenance still need some care. Here are a few helpful tips you can use to take good care of your front door:

Replace or Maintain Weatherstripping

Ensure you inspect your door weatherstripping by checking for signs of sunlight or feeling the drafts. If your door sweep is worn out, consider replacing it and get a sweep installed if you do not already have one, as it keeps insects and drafts out of your home. Thoroughly clean the stripping if it is in good condition and to give it extra protection, apply a thin coat of furniture wax.

Check the Deadbolt and Lock

Always ensure your deadbolt and lock are fully functional.

Safeguard Your Front Door from Elements

Apply a new coat of paint to your door to protect it from the elements such as everyday sunshine. This is also a great chance to change your door color to impress your visitors. You can also change from color to a stain.

Keep the Door Windows Clean

Ensure you clean your door windows till they have a shine. Always clean each side of the window using a lint-free cloth.


Carefully inspect your door hinges and tighten them if need be to correct or prevent misalignment. If you notice wear or damage, consider replacing the hinges and ensure you apply oil to them if you notice sticking or squeaking.

Clean Your Doors

Use water and soap to wash your front door as it tends to get dirty from being exposed to the elements. Therefore, clean your door frequently as it will make a significant difference.

Different Steps Needed to Maintain a New or Older Door

Surprisingly, while we use our doors daily, it’s easy to forget to clean let alone maintain your front door. Different doors may need different maintenance. For instance, fiberglass doors are resistant to extreme weather conditions and are more durable. Unlike solid wood doors, they do not twist, warp, or rot and are easier to maintain.

Here are different steps you need to maintain your front door, whether new or old:

Paint Your Door

Ensure you spot-check your door’s finish each year. Your door’s paint is likely to peel due to sunshine exposure. You can maintain your door by keeping it painted and doing a bit of sanding after five years. Although, the period is determined by the amount of sun exposure your door gets.

Regular Cleaning

Regularly cleaning your door can help extend its lifespan and ensure it maintains its beauty. Avoid using abrasive materials to clean your door, as they will cause further damage. If you have a wood door, you may have to clean it weekly as it requires the most care.

Borate Treatment and Back-Prime

Most doors’ back side jambs are often unfinished. When you install a pre-hung door- it could be wood, steel, or fiberglass- ensure you back-prime the wood jamb as it helps keep it more resistant to insects and moisture.

Consider doing a borate treatment which takes about five minutes and is inexpensive. It moves through the jamb after you apply it, lengthening its lifespan.

Routine Inspections

Routinely inspecting your door ensures you catch any issues in the early stages, which will save you costly repairs in the long run. Seeing a problem early also means you can fix it before it gets out of hand.

Things that Might Need to Be Replaced or Added

There is more to choosing a door aside from its aesthetic. The most important things to consider are the door’s functionality, maintenance, and durability. Some doors require less maintenance than others while still offering you durability. Since your front door gives the first impression about your home, invest in a good door and hardware.

It would be best to remember to factor in the weather condition of the area you live in when choosing your front door. Here are things to consider replacing or adding to your front door:

Storm Door

Unless your front door is energy-efficient and well-insulated, consider adding a storm door. Fundamentally, a storm door is necessary for extra ventilation in warm weather and to offer protection against inclement weather.


Consider getting door hardware that accentuates the beauty of your front door. You should also factor in whether it offers your home security.


Check the door sweep or weather-stripping and replace them if worn out as they are easier to replace than the whole door.

Contact Us Today for Help with Your Door Replacement or Maintenance Needs

It is vital to take proper care of your front door as it is the first thing everyone sees when visiting your home. Visitors spend a lot of time by your front door while waiting for you to open the door, so it helps to keep your door looking beautiful and well-maintained. Besides, your front door is your first line of defense against intruders and the outdoor elements.

If you need help with replacing weatherstripping or hardware, adding a storm or screen door, or even replacing your exterior doors completely, our team of experts is here for you! We have the experience and knowledge to assist you with your home improvement needs. Call your nearest location today!

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