Window Replacement: Replace Windows in the Winter?

Window Replacement: Replace Windows in the Winter?

Most Homeowners Think That It Is Dangerous to Install Windows in the Winter Months

Most of the time, when we speak with homeowners in the winter months, they tell us they’re waiting until spring to do their window replacement. It’s perfectly understandable why they would be afraid to get their windows done in the winter. Most people assume that you should never undergo any home improvements when it’s cold outside. Homeowners are afraid that the window sealants won’t adhere properly due to the cold weather. They also worry that the windows won’t fit come spring because the windows contract so much in the cold months. They figure they’re better off waiting until spring even though it will be more expensive, and it may be harder to find a window installer who can work around your busy schedule. The truth is that there are experts who believe it is better to have your window replacement done in the winter. Here, we will discuss some of these important benefits.

There Are Actually Several Benefits to Hiring a Window Installer in the Winter

While there could be a few downsides to hiring a window installer in the winter, the benefits more than make up for the possible downsides. For example, materials are usually a lot cheaper in the winter. All year long, you’ll see window stores offering sales of 20% or 30%. However, in the winter, you can experience even higher savings – as much as 40%. Companies are afraid that they’ll lose business if they don’t charge a lower price during these slower months.

Most of our window installers work with their customers to find quality window replacement materials without paying an arm and a leg. Some clients are set on a certain window and aren’t as concerned with price. There’s nothing wrong with either of these opinions. As long as you get the windows that are right for your home and get them for a fair price, that is all that matters.

You Can Get a Better Price if You Decide to Replace Windows in the Colder Months

What a lot of people don’t realize is that you can get a break on the price of your windows if you wait until winter to buy them. Of course, you’re going to see sales all through the year from window companies. It’s hard to watch a movie on television without getting bombarded with advertisements from the big companies who insist that they have the best prices on their windows. The truth is that if you wait until the winter, the same stores will be desperate to sell a few windows because business is so slow. While you can usually get around 20% or 30% off in spring or summer, if you wait until the really cold months like December or January, you can get your windows for up to 40% off.

The other thing about pricing in the winter is that it may even be possible to get a reduced rate from your window installer. We may regret telling you this, but window installers are much busier when the weather is warm. Part of this is because that’s when people have time to take off and get their home renovations done. But another reason is that a lot of people assume that it’s not a good idea to get window replacements done in the winter. So not only can you get your windows and materials at a cheaper price, but you may even be able to get a little bit of a break on your window installation fate.

If You Address Your Window Replacement in Winter, They Will Be More Efficient

One of the biggest fears that homeowners have when it comes to getting new windows is that they’re not going to be energy efficient if they’re not done at the right time. It makes perfect sense for someone who is not a professional window installer to think that the cold temperatures can impact your window sealant. However, what you may not know is that they make a special window sealant for the winter.

These cold temperature sealants are actually much more efficient than your basic sealant that’s used in the warm months. They have to be. Knowing that windows contract when it’s cold out, and knowing that it will be a lot of wind drafts coming in, it’s critical that your window installer ensure that your windows are tight and durable.

Window Installers Are Often More Flexible in the Winter

When we ask a lot of homeowners why they waited so long to get their window replacements done, they tell us that it was just a matter of time. Most families today have two working parents who simply don’t have the time to take off two or three days in a row to get their windows replaced. In the winter, not only do people have a little more time on their hands, but the window installers are also less busy.

What most windows installers do, at least what our company does, is install one window a day when they’re handling a winter installment job. This is done for obvious reasons. Nobody wants to have multiple windows open or nonexistent when it’s 20 or 30 degrees outside. In order to get your windows done this way, you need to find a window installer who can take the time to do your windows one per day. Since they aren’t as busy as they are in the warmer months, they will be much better able to accommodate you.

Contact Your Local Window Replacement Store to Request Your Free Estimate

If you’re interested in getting window replacements but you’re not sure if winter is the best time to do that, give us a call. We offer all our clients a free estimate. We will come out to your home and see how many windows you need done. We can also look at the prices for you and try and find the best deal. And then, hopefully, we can get started on your window installation. If you have any questions in the meantime, feel free to contact

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