Window Styles: What Suits My House?

Window Styles: What Suits My House?

What makes the rooms of your home distinctive from other spaces in the window? Your outlet to the world outside, your viewing frame for starry nights and bright sunsets! Your window style determines the entire look, vibe, and brightness inside your home. Depending on the location, view, and aesthetics you want for the space where you live and thrive, you can decide the style of windows you need.

However, window installation near you may often get overwhelming, with endless possibilities and not knowing where to start. We are here to guide you and take that burden off your shoulders. Read on to know all about the different window choices you can make based on various factors.

Window Styles Based on Desired Ambiance

What kind of atmosphere and look do you want for your home?

Bright Atmosphere

If you are someone who feels anxious in closed spaces, large and open windows will ease your mind. Your home is the place you return to, where relaxation becomes the major pursuit at the end of the day. Imagine opening your windows to enjoy the evening breeze at the end of a tiring day, or waking up with bright sunshine filling your room for a fresh new start.

If this is what you are looking for, then the following window styles would be your best choice.

Classic Window Styles

These window options suit a classic-style home and provide a bright, open atmosphere.

  • Casement windows

These are the basic ‘crank-open’ style windows that swing from a fixed point, i.e., a hinge. These windows swing open whenever you need to let in some fresh air or keep the snow or storms at bay. These are weathertight and will protect from strong winds.

Two screens fit inside a single large frame. Make sure that this style is in accordance with the look you desire for your home. These windows are traditional-looking and impart a timeless vibe to your home. However, if you have air conditioning installed in your home, these windows might not be the best choice.

  • Single-hung windows

If the design of your home demands a vertical style window, single-hung windows are the most common choice. The single hung windows each have a single screen that slides vertically to open from the bottom.

This is a basic style window which is much used all around the globe, as they are easy to clean or repair whenever required. There is also no chance of window screens bumping into one another, as with casement windows that open outwards.

  • Double-hung windows

These windows are exactly similar to single-hung windows when it comes to window style. However, the double-hung windows can be opened from the bottom or through the top. This gives you considerable control over the airflow as per your requirement during different seasons or even different times of the day.

It is to be noted that there may be a chance of the window screen slipping if not secured tightly in their open positions.

  • Bay windows

It is slightly heavier on the investment but definitely worth it if you like large spaces in your home. The bay windows transform a group of windows from a two-dimensional to a three-dimensional structure by extending out of your home.

The center window is fixed, whereas the flanking windows can be opened. It allows a lot of light inside the house. This window style departs a magnificent look and increases the space in your window area. It is best suited for homes with traditional architecture. However, hire an expert to ensure proper installation of these windows.

Bay window on traditional brick home

  • Bow windows

If the concept of bay windows got you excited, you might consider taking it up a notch with bow windows. These windows are similar to bay windows but take up more space and provide a majestic look. The structure of a bow window is convex, i.e., arching outwards in a semi-circle out of your house.

The bow windows also have four-five open windows and one central window instead of two-three openings in bay windows. If you have the space, ample light, and openness, and are willing to invest, bow windows are the best deal.

The Creative Window Style

If you want a bright ambiance, but your home has a modern design where the classic style may look out of place, you can go for the following windows that fit your ambiance and style needs.

  • Skylights

The best way to make way for natural light in your rooms is through skylight windows built into the roof. They may or may not have vented, depending on your needs. However, they won’t open up completely, but that will not deter the light or the airflow. This will provide an aesthetic vibe for your interiors.

  • Picture windows

If you are big on the sunlight but not so much on airflow, picture windows could be your pick. These are fixed windows, usually large in stature, providing a great view of your surroundings. However, you need to ensure alternative ways of ventilation to avoid suffocation inside your home.

Cozy Ambiance

If your house is located in an already sunny area and you prefer a cozy ambiance with a cooler interior, these windows would perfectly match your needs.

The Classic Window Styles

Awning windows and sliding windows are perfect for a home with a traditional design.

  • Awning windows

These windows are small in stature and open vertically with a crank mechanism. The top part has hinges that protect against rainfall getting inside your house. This is perfect for the upper stories of your house as opening them requires some exterior space.

  • Sliding windows

This is an economical option in case you don’t have much space to spare. These windows would match well with modern designs of homes. On the downside, you can only slide one screen of the window at a time. However, the airflow is considerable, and the effective cost is low.

The Creative Styles

If you want to get creative in controlling the amount of sunlight that fills your room, using stained glass windows is your solution.

  • Stained glass windows

Stained glass windows could be single or multiple colors. However, they do not provide any exterior view, so you can have enough privacy without worrying about blinds. These windows are fixed in nature and cannot be opened. Nonetheless, they add an artistic touch to your house at a medium cost.

Use this detailed guide before making your decisions to ensure the best ambiance within your home. If you are looking for a home improvement provider, contact us today.

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