5 Home Improvement Ideas for Spring

5 Home Improvement Ideas for Spring

Who doesn’t like spring and the positivity the season brings, not to mention the potential for home improvement? Many of us take it as a time to go out and have fun after the cold chill of winter has finally departed. When you step out and have a gala time, what about your home? It sure requires a makeover to welcome spring to reflect your mood.

If the winter temperatures have made your house less habitable, then spring is the time you can fix everything to bring back that familiar homely feeling. You can either decide to take up projects on your own or involve family members to make the whole process more enjoyable.

If you are not a DIY person, you can hire home remodeling services to modify your home so that the task becomes manageable and effortless for you.

Come let us find out ideas to improve your home this spring.

Home Improvement Ideas for Spring

Here are five of the best home improvement ideas for spring.

Paint Your Home

You can brighten your home during the beautiful spring season with colors of your choice. This can be a great project to undertake after the dull winter months when you have no choice but to look at the same old colors of the interiors.

Choosing colors can be an exciting activity for all family members. Remember that the color may appear slightly different after it dries, so be prepared. It will be a good idea to test the paint on a piece of an unused item before applying it to the walls. Use a good quality primer so that the paint adheres well.

Not only the interiors but the exterior of your home would also need a touch-up after the merciless snow and wind of the winter season. The spring can be warm enough for the home exterior projects you want to start.

Fix the Roof

Heavy snowfall can wreak havoc on your roof, whether it is easily visible on the surface or not. It is one thing to enjoy the view of the snow-capped roof in winter but different to deal with its after-effects. Only after the snow melts, you can analyze how much damage it has caused. Even if the damage is too little, it is wise to tackle it before it turns into a bigger issue.

The first thing you can do is inspect the roof, either by going up a ladder or using a smartphone to zoom in. As the roof is the most important component of your house, any damage you see must be immediately repaired. It is best to call a professional to take up the repair work like fixing curled corners, replacing shingles, or such similar damages.

An unattended damaged roof can lead to water leakages in no time. A new roof improves the look of your house and increases the value of your home by 7%. Additionally, an average roofing project offers around 70% return on investment.

Clean the Gutters

The arrival of spring is a good time to clean the gutters so that they are cleaned before the rainy season. A well-maintained gutter system is important for the health of the house’s structure for water transfer and drainage.

Maintaining neat gutters is imperative to prevent the build-up of dirt, leaves, and other materials on the roof that clog the gutters. If clogs appear, it will be difficult to control the water overflow that could damage the metal and trap moisture on the roof and siding.

You should be able to handle the cleaning process if there is very little build-up. All you need is a ladder, elbow grease, and rubber gloves. If the debris is more than you can handle, do not hesitate to call experts to do the job.

They will suggest a complete replacement of the gutters if the issue is out of control. You can then think of upgrading to deeper gutters and changing their color at this point. Adding gutter guards is a good option to keep cleaning requirements minimum.

gutter cleaning

HVAC Maintenance

Inspecting your HVAC system in springtime is vital to work optimally during the winter and summer. It is better to seek expert help when it comes to the heating and cooling systems, as opening the system on your own can cause unintended damages, especially if you have little know-how.

Regular inspection of your HVAC system leads to the extended life of the unit along with the benefit of saving power. Faulty systems take up more energy and time to work, leading to increased expenses.

Another point to keep in mind is you should not put off maintaining the HVAC system. Before you know it, the months will pass, and summer will soon arrive, leaving few chances of finding good professionals. If you are in the phase of installing air conditioning, you can decide between room units and a central system. What you choose may depend on the functionality and cost.

Some of the services offered by an HVAC service company include the following:

  • Cleaning condenser and evaporator coils
  • Replacing worn belts and pulleys
  • Cleaning or replacing filters
  • Changing batteries
  • Clearing drain pans
  • Removing debris and dust from ducts etc

Prepare Your Garden

A garden is an extension of your home, and this is more so for plant parents. Spring can be a wonderful time in the garden with colorful flowers in full bloom. But to enjoy this, you have to first prepare the garden. First and foremost, inspect the garden area for the impact of cold months like beds that need to be cleaned, snow damage on plants, slanted fences, and the like.

You can utilize the early springtime to build new raised gardens, make the flower beds clean and paint the hardscaping elements made of wood. The garden beds need to be thoroughly cleaned to remove fallen leaves, branches, and other unwanted materials that remain there during winter.

Follow the cleaning with soil testing to assess the nutrient content in it. With the advice from a local garden center, you can feed the soil to make it rich in nutrients. Pruning the overgrown shrubs and trees, planting new ones, watering, and fertilizing are all great activities to pursue in spring. You may want to consider a new deck or fresh fencing.

Call Us for Your Spring Home Improvement Projects

There could be countless things, from finding the right exterior home products to taking care of your garden’s soil, that demand attention in your home once winter is over. Don’t overwhelm yourselves and think of home improvement as a chore. Rather, take it as an opportunity to prepare your home for the most wonderful season of the year.

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