Is Deck Installation in Winter a Bad Decision?

Is Deck Installation in Winter a Bad Decision?

When it comes to doing any type of home improvement, a lot of people assume that you have to do it in the spring or summer. This is especially true when somebody wants to do exterior home improvements. However, if you are considering a deck installation, the winter is actually a better time to do it than spring or summer. Not only is the timing better as far as permits and hiring a contract are concerned, but the cold, dry weather is better for the wood. If you want to have your beautiful new deck ready for spring, then it’s best to start the project in October or November. Even if the project is delayed due to weather, you will still have plenty of time to have the deck completed and ready to go come April or May.

Here, we will discuss the various reasons why it’s a good idea to complete your deck installation in the winter. If you are considering exterior home improvements, you should contact our office so you can talk to one of our agents. We can send one of our contractors out to your home to provide you with a free estimate.

Most Homeowners Assume They Can’t Do Exterior Home Improvements in Winter

It makes sense that you would be afraid to do a deck installation in winter. Many homeowners complain or have horror stories about trying to get work done this time of year. One of the biggest complaints is that the work is delayed because of inclement weather. While there’s always a chance that this can happen, you do have several months before the spring is upon us. This means that any delay during the winter months is better than a delay during the spring or summer. The time you wait for your exterior home improvements to be completed, is time that you would not have used your deck anyway.

It Can Take Time to Secure the Necessary Permits

One thing people forget is that if you’re going to complete a deck installation, you need to secure the building permits from your town. Anybody who has ever gone through this process knows that it can take time. You may think that you can rush to the county offices and apply for your permit and get it within a week or two. It rarely happens that quickly. Even if there are no issues with your permit, it can still take weeks or months for you to receive it. The last thing you want to have this happen to you in the middle of spring or summer when you’re waiting to enjoy your deck. It’s much better that this happen in November or December when you still have several months before the nice weather arrives.

Winter Weather is Actually More Conducive for a Deck Installation

If you’re going to have a deck installed on your property, you will more than likely be using wood. In the spring and summer months, the ground is moist and so is the air. These things, especially humidity, can warp your wood. The other problem is that your wood will absorb any moisture that’s in the air which can lead to peeling and cracking. Nobody wants this to happen to their brand-new deck. In addition to the moist ground and humid weather impacting the wood itself, you will also find that the contractors cause less damage to your property when they complete your deck installation in winter. The ground will not be as soft so they will not leave as many marks in your lawn or surrounding yard. This is just another reason why having your deck installation completed in the winter is a good idea.

There are More Contractors Available in the Winter

As with any other exterior home improvements, there are always more contractors available in the winter. In fact, many contractors do not have enough work to sustain them during the cold months. This means that you have your pick from a handful of excellent contractors to complete your deck installation. It may also be easier for them to get the materials during the winter. They’re not fighting with other contractors to get their hands on the necessary wood and other materials. Not only does this mean that your deck will be completed faster, but it also means you may get a better price for materials than you would if you did your deck installation in the spring.

The Wood on Your Deck Will Settle Better in the Cold Weather

As with any other project involving wood, you’ll find that the wood settles better in the cold weather. If you install lumber during the spring or summer, there’s always a chance that it could move because of the soft ground. In December or January, the ground is a lot harder and is sometimes frozen. While this may present a slight challenge for the contractor who’s completing your deck installation, it also means that the wood will stay in place and will be more stable. This is not only beneficial when you first have your deck installation done, but it will also extend the life of your deck.

Call Our Office and Take Advantage of Your Free Estimate

We suggest that if you’re considering a deck installation, you contact our office today. Take the time to meet with one of our contractors so they can provide you with a free estimate. They will come out to your home and ask you to show them where you want the deck installed. They will also look at the surrounding area to see if they will need to make any changes as far as the soil and greenery are concerned. Despite the fact that many people are afraid to do exterior home improvements in winter, as explained here, it may be the best time to do it. We suggest you call our office and speak to one of our agents so they can set up a date and time for one of our technicians to come out to your home.

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