Storm Doors: Do You Need Them?

Storm Doors: Do You Need Them?

Do you need Storm Doors? A beautiful front porch is a definite must for most of us. It’s the first thing people see when they visit us, and by extension, the front door is the focal point of all sweet and judgemental eyes that visit your house. Thus, investing in a beautiful and eye-catching front door is a must.

But what about protecting your front door? Dust, rain, and snow are just some of the natural phenomena that can happen consistently every year and damage your door. That is why it is just as important to buy your front door a storm door. And if you are wondering if you should get replacement doors near you, this article is for you.

What Exactly Are Storm Doors?

A storm door is an extra layered door specifically designed to protect your front door from any haphazard weather conditions. It is installed in front of your door and is generally made of mesh or sliding glass, whichever is your preference.

This allows a storm door to provide visibility to the people inside and grants ventilation to the inside of the house. Storm doors are a great way to ensure protection and long life for your front door without much maintenance.

Why Do You Need Storm Doors?

There are several advantages of having a storm door. They can protect your house from all bugs and insects while allowing a free flow of air to pass through. They give added protection to your front door, along with various other benefits. Here is a list of reasons you should definitely need a storm door:

A Channel of Natural Light

As beautiful and lively as your current front door may be, once it’s closed, you can no longer have natural light during the day. And you can’t keep your door open for as long as you’d like because then you’d be open for burglaries!

The answer to this lies in having a clear storm door. It can be locked from the inside, gives you protection, and lets in all the natural light you’d want into the house with your regular front door open.

A Layer of Exterior Protection

The biggest and most important investment in your front porch is an entry door. Its look determines how a guest or potential buyer might perceive your home. A poor-looking front door would immediately make people think that this is not a well-maintained home.

That is why it is necessary that you also purchase a storm door to protect your actual door from all the wear and tear and keep its colors bright and clean for years to come. This also reduces the cost of maintenance on your door yearly.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

Storm doors are not just for protecting your front door. They are made of stylish hardware, eye-catching glass designs, retractable screens, and come in numerous colors. You can design your storm door in almost any way you’d like and create a livelier look for your house. If not for anything else, you need to buy a storm door from the appeal it gives to your home.

storm doors

An Energy-Efficient Way to Stay Comfortable

Storm doors are required because they can easily keep you warm in the winters and cool in the summers. They help with the airflow, so you would not need to depend so much on machines to maintain the temperature. This cuts down your electricity bill.

Storm doors are a much more efficient way to be environmentally friendly than you might think. You can utilize the daytime light, keep warm in winter, and be cozy in summer with just one storm door.

A Welcoming Gesture

More often than not, most homeowners overlook this one special advantage. With a storm door, you don’t have to lock your front door and thereby don’t feel unwelcomed when they approach your home. An open door is a welcoming gesture that many people want to take you upon. Thus, you would need a storm door to welcome your neighbors and be a community person.

Types of Storm Doors

In the broader sense, there are two types of storm doors:

  • Seasonal Venting Storm Doors

This type of storm door can be used with glass and mesh, which are replaceable with each other. You can use the glass doors when you want the maximum light and warm up your home a bit, and you can use the mesh to allow for better ventilation and cool down your place a bit. These kinds of doors can be used in almost all seasons and are a great choice if you want a storm door.

  • Retractable Screen Storm Doors

These doors come with a retractable screen and can be particularly helpful if you have any pets in your house. They can gain easy access to go out and come in as they please and be great for moving around the house.

Disadvantages of a Storm Door

While there are many reasons why you should need a storm door, there are also some disadvantages as you why you shouldn’t want them, such as:

  • Two-Door Inconvenience

It can become a hassle for you to always open and close two doors whenever you go out and come in. You also have to double-check if you locked both doors each night before bed.

  • Heat Build-Up

The primary reason to buy a storm door is to protect your front door. However, if you live in an area with a lot of sunlight and use a glass door, your storm door will build up the heat between itself and your front door and cause your front door to be damaged a lot by the sunlight. In such cases, it is best not to buy a storm door and have it installed in your home.

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Storm doors are not just a luxury these days but have become necessary. They are colorful, trendy, stylish, and most importantly, protect your front door from damage. They can let in cool air and keep bugs and insects away simultaneously. They can also help you be energy efficient by building up heat inside your house and providing another daylight source for you to be comfortable.

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