Windows for Your Commercial Property: Why Install New Ones?

Windows for Your Commercial Property: Why Install New Ones?

When we talk to business owners, they usually have a couple of major concerns. One issue they worry about is theft. They’re afraid that their current setup makes it too easy for would-be thieves to case their store. For example, if you have old windows that don’t provide any tint or shade, people can watch your staff’s every movement. They know when they leave at the end of the day. They also know what time your employees put the day’s cash in the safe. Having high-security windows can prevent this from happening. New windows for your commercial property can also help cut down on your energy bills. If you contact our office, we can have one of our commercial window installation experts come out to your business and show you the other ways that new windows can help your bottom line.

New Doors Can Increase Your Company’s Security

Regardless of the type of business you run, having new windows for your commercial property can increase your company’s security. If you sell high-end goods, you may want to go with tinted windows so people cannot see when your employees come and go. When people can track your employees’ movements, they know when the best time is to either shoplift or rob the store. You can also get special tempered glass so people can’t smash the windows and steal your merchandise. Our company specializes in commercial improvements such as commercial window installations. We can also show you doors that will improve your security along with new windows for your commercial property. When our technician comes out to your location, let them know what security issues you’re dealing with right now. They will help you resolve them as best they can.

New Windows for Your Commercial Property Can Cut Down on Vandalism, Shoplifting, and Trespassing

One nice thing about having high-grade security windows is that it can help cut down on vandalism and shoplifting. People aren’t bold enough to damage your property or try to steal from you when you can see exactly what’s happening. For example, if the local teenagers like to spray graffiti on the side of your building, they won’t be as willing to do so when you can see clear outside. The same is true for shoplifters. If you keep merchandise outdoors, you won’t have to worry about people stealing it if you can properly see out your new windows.

In addition to cutting down on theft and vandalism, windows for your commercial property may also help reduce trespassing. People are less likely to step foot on your property if they know you are watching what they’re doing. This is just one more reason why we suggest you move forward with a commercial window installation. It will save you money in the long run and help protect your business in the short term.

The Proper Commercial Window Installation Can Save You Money on Your Energy Bills

If you’re like most of the business owners we talk to, you probably pay way too much on your energy bills. Utility bills have markedly increased for both homeowners and commercial property owners. If you can install new windows that will reduce the heat and cold air from penetrating, you can save hundreds or thousands of dollars on your energy bills. For example, in the summer months when the sun is strong, you and your employees probably have to crank up the air conditioning just to be comfortable. The same is true in the winter when you need to turn the heat on. The last thing you want are your customers leaving because it is not comfortable in your business. A commercial window installation can help you prevent these problems and save a ton of money in the process.

With Better Visibility, You’ll Reduce the Damage to Your Furniture and Inventory

If you run a retail business, you probably have to write off thousands of dollars in merchandise every year due to fading and discoloration. The same is true for furniture and other fixtures in your store. If your current windows allow the sunlight to stream in and directly impact your inventory, you can bet that it will start to fade and crack in no time. There are quality windows for your commercial property that can prevent the harmful UV rays from coming through and ruining your property. This is especially true for leather goods or leather furniture. In a matter of months, any leather products you have in your business can suffer serious damage as a result of the sun’s rays. If you have a commercial window installation completed now, you’ll have it completed in time to protect you this upcoming spring and summer when the sun is strong again.

Contact One of Our Experts for Your Commercial Window Installation

If it’s been more than ten or fifteen years since you had new windows installed, it may be time to invest in new windows for your commercial property. As discussed here, there are a host of reasons why you should consider doing this sooner rather than later. Whatever money you invest in a commercial window installation will more than make up for itself over time. Between the money you save on your energy bills and the money you’ll save on damaged furniture and inventory, you’ll more than cover the cost of your new windows. In addition, if you run a retail business, new windows can help increase foot traffic into your store. It can also increase potential customers’ interest in your merchandise.

We suggest that you contact our office so we can send one of our commercial window installation experts out to give you a free estimate. Our team can help you choose windows for your commercial property. We can also give you an idea of how long it will take to complete the installation. The point of making this kind of improvement to your commercial or retail space is to help you cut costs and increase your profits. It may not be something you have considered before. However, when you do the math, it is certainly a worthwhile investment. Contact our office today so we can arrange for one of our technicians to get in touch with you.

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